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Almost everyone likes trees. They provide cool shade during hot summer days, and offer a serene setting to relieve the tensions of modern life. Trees add to the beauty and value of property and offer splendor and delight to the eyes. Trees have other beneficial effects: they provide the oxygen we breathe, reduce noise pollution, trap particulate air pollutants and absorb others. Trees also alter the micro climate of the site where they grow by shielding homes from cold winter winds or from the blistering rays of the summer sun. No matter the reason, aesthetic or financial, a tree is a sound investment.

Texas Hill Country Tree Service  is staffed with a certified arborist.

We proudly offer service excellence for both commercial and residential clients in, "Once a year treatment," or "Total Care." Whether we are growing with new landscapes or investing in established landscapes, we provide "Total Care."

Our services are used by people who know what they are looking for but don't have the time, tools and knowledge, but know where to find it.


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