What is the difference between Texas Hill Country Tree Service and other companies?

If you look at our competitors’ ads, you’ll see services ranging from grass planting to lighting to firewood. They talk about residential and commercial services, while shouting that they beat the other guy’s prices. In contrast, our focus is solely on providing quality care for your trees. We are fully qualified in our field. Our personnel are licensed, certified, registered, experienced and committed to continuing education in the discipline of tree care.

How does construction affect the health of trees?
Arborists have written countless books on this subject alone! In areas where there used to be woods, new development totally disrupts the existence of trees. The abrupt changes in both the above ground and underground environments in a short time are severe problems. It is important to be proactive in preparing your trees for these stresses.

Trees do just fine out in the woods, why do my trees need special care?
Our question back to you would be, Where do trees all trees do well? We've never seen a wooded area where all trees looked or survived as well as trees in urban/suburban yards. Competition for soil, light, water and space are rampant in the wild. Survival of the fittest abounds when there is no care at all except for the conditions that Mother Nature dishes out. Your regular care, along with the advice and skills of a Certified Arborist from Advanced Tree & Shrub Care are your best guarantees of a healthy, attractive tree for many, many years.



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